The Music Of Climate Change

In a harmonious collaboration of procrastination and education, I have combined my interests in global climate change and music.  I’ll pick up on different indices of climate change and hit the music that defined that particular day, month, year, or decade.  Happy listening! [edit: and if you have any ideas for records I can use (pun intended), leave ’em in the comments!]

Global Temperatures

Psst – its getting warmer.  Based on NASA GISS land and ocean surface temperature data, the last month with global monthly temperatures below the 1951-1980 mean was February 1985.  This is a remarkable string of 365 consecutive months with above average temperatures, or a terrifying new era as Eric Holthaus put it. The #1 song in the US at the time was the sublime “I Want To Know What Love Is” by Foreigner.

In the UK, it was a song I had never heard before, and don’t feel a particularly strong urge to hear again:

While 2015 is on pace to be the hottest year ever recorded, the warmest year so far is 2014. None of this makes me terribly happy, but damn is Pharell catchy.


NASA-GISS annual land-ocean surface temperature anomalies. (


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